Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

This week we talked about Jesus’s pronouncement that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be blessed, because they will be satisfied.

We thought about what it means to “hunger and thirst” for anything- to have a passion for something that means it is the highest priority in our lives, what all our energy goes toward. So often we direct all our energy towards things that do not satisfy, like money, fame and notoriety, or even love (relationships). And, then, some of us are just too busy to even notice when we’re hungry and thirsty…and we try to stay that way, so we can avoid thinking about it.

Jesus called himself “the living water” and “the bread of life,” and we understand that by this he meant that humans could truly find satisfaction and fulfillment in him. To hunger and thirst for “righteousness,” in the Bible, means to hunger and thirst after God, to long to be close to God and to do God’s will. We are close to God through Jesus, and we hear God’s will for our lives when we start making the time and space and priority to listen.

When plants are placed indoors and near a window, they slowly start to grow towards that window. Somehow they know that their life comes from that light, and they literally turn towards it. 

We are called to behave in the same way: to recognize that our life comes from God, and to bend our hearts toward God. It’s only then that we will be truly satisfied.

Questions for discussion in your family or friend group:

What activities in your life right now are not satisfying?

What do you think it would look like, in terms of your daily life, to bend your heart toward God?