Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter 8-18-17

Our text this week in The Bridge is commonly known as “Jesus and the Canaanite Woman.” In this story, Jesus encounters a woman that he would usually have nothing to do with. In fact, he ignores her at first, but the woman refuses to go away. The disciples urge Jesus to dismiss her, so Jesus explains to the woman why he is continuing to ignore her.
This is where the story takes a twist, because the Canaanite woman makes an argument for why Jesus should listen to her. And Jesus, after hearing her argument, appears to change his mind. He makes a complete 180* on what he had earlier stated.
Some readers have a real problem with this moment in the text. They wonder how an all-knowing God can have a change of heart or mind. This Sunday in The Bridge, we’ll talk about whether Jesus actually did change his mind, and why. And, maybe more important, we’ll talk about whether there’s room for us to change our minds about the things we feel firmly about, and when and how that happens for Christians.
Also, don’t forget that this Sunday, from 2:00-4:00, I will teach a church-wide workshop on how to be welcoming to visitors and guests. You can sign up at the link in the box below. This is a workshop for regular, in-the-pew members of any age to learn new strategies in order to feel comfortable talking to and engaging new people at church. I hope to see you there!
-Pastor Kelsey