Living Generously

This past Sunday in our series, “The Church Is…” we learned that the Church is generous!

We strive to live lives of generosity because:

1) to live generously is to be obedient to Jesus, who taught that we are to give to anyone in need and who preached good news to the poor

2) to live generously is to acknowledge that all we have was given to us by God; we are given the responsibility of using it as God would have us use it.

3) to live generously is to demonstrate that we believe in the abundance of God’s gifts…we don’t have to scramble to get and grab “ours,” and we can afford to share, no matter how much or how little we have, because God, the creator of everything in our world, is able to supply all our needs so that we can share.

We have to take a hard look at all that we have- all our money and assets and possessions- and think about how God might be inviting us to be more generous with the gifts we’ve been given. 

We all like nice things (I know I do), but how might the world change if we were willing to be less self-serving, and more generous, with what we have?