Palm Sunday

Today on Palm Sunday, we celebrated the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem to begin what would ultimately be the final week of his life. During the sermon portion of worship I talked about what it means to say, “I’m with Jesus,” and align yourself publicly with Jesus, much as the disciples did when they waved palm branches and threw their coats on the road before Jesus.
Sometimes it is much easier to make our faith a private matter, a “personal” faith that stays hidden in our hearts. But faith is also meant to be practiced. Often when we practice our faith, we live it out in ways that end up being fairly visible.

In your families (and remember- a family can be a biological family but it can also be your tribe- your friends- your people that you live with and love), talk about a time when you had to make a choice to say whether or not you were a follower of Christ. Or, ask yourselves this question: can anyone tell, by the way I live my life, that I have dedicated my life to Jesus? What are the signs?

Remember that being a Christian is not just about attending worship on Sundays (although worship is an important part of it!) but also about the ethical choices we make and how we interact with other people on a daily basis. 

Happy Palm Sunday! We will see you for Holy Week Services. Remember to practice our Easter greeting for next Sunday:

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!