Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter 11-17-17

Most of us (including me!) rely on Jesus for comfort, healing, and peace. These are all things that Jesus promised in the Gospels, and thank goodness we can find all of that in him. But of course, comfort and peace weren’t all that Jesus promised, and Jesus didn’t intend that we would only “receive” from our faith. The faith that Jesus calls his disciples to gives us many things, but it also challenges us and draws us toward a bigger life.

This Sunday in The Bridge, we’ll be reading a parable that Jesus told about a wealthy man and his three servants. The rich man entrusted each of his servants with a great deal of money, and then went away for a time. As you might expect, each servant did something a little bit different with the money, and their “investments” produced drastically different responses from the rich man on his return.

There are many ways to read this parable, but the one we will focus on this Sunday is about what we do with the life of faith that God entrusts to us. We are given so many gifts through our faith, but do we stop to think carefully about where to go from there? Do we receive and receive but then sit still, content in all we’ve been given? Is that all that God wants or expects from us?

This parable suggests that God wants more. It suggests that we have been given so much in order that we can take risks and grow. This aligns with what Jesus teaches elsewhere in the Gospels, that God intends for each of us to move beyond what is comfortable and respond to the challenge of loving all people.

Comfort, healing, and peace all come from God, and we are blessed to receive these things through our faith. But that’s not the end of the story. Join us this week in The Bridge to find out what God expects us to do with these gifts, and what happens if we are willing to risk what we’ve been given.

Pastor Kelsey