Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter – 7-28-17

You may have noticed that the colors of the cloths on the altar, pulpit, and lectern in Traditions (those cloths are called “paraments”) and the colors of the banners in The Bridge all match, and change throughout the course of the year. The colors correspond to the seasons of the Church year. Currently all of our colors are green, which is the color for the Season After Pentecost. This is one of the seasons that is also called “Ordinary Time.”

In our regular speech, we use the word “ordinary” to refer to things that are common or plain. But in church-speak, it means something different. In Church, the word “ordinary” comes from the Latin word ordinalis, or numbers in a series. These weeks in the summer are called “Ordinary Time” because they are numbered weeks. They are the weeks that exist outside of the major feast days (like Christmas and Easter) or penance days (like Lent and Advent). During Ordinary Time, we think about and examine the ways that Jesus walks among us and brings the holy into our every-day lives.

For this reason, we have been studying the teachings of Jesus in The Bridge this summer. What are the things he talked about, taught, and did during his life with the disciples? This Sunday’s scripture, Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52, is especially appropriate. In it, Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God using the stuff that made up people’s regular lives- like weeds, baking ingredients, fields, and salespeople. In other words, Jesus used “ordinary” things to show that there is much that is holy, even in the ordinary.

There is much that is holy in this Ordinary Time of the Church as well. Join us this Sunday in The Bridge as we learn about a God who walks in our ordinary, regular lives, and brings holiness to the things we hardly notice. Maybe this “ordinary” week at the end of the summer has more to offer than you know.

-Pastor Kelsey