Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter 8-25-17

Thank you to all of the Asbury folks who came out for our Workshop on Welcoming this past Sunday afternoon! We had almost 40 members in attendance, representing all of our services and a wide range of our Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and small groups. We had a great time discussing why we welcome newcomers as a part of our faith, and learning specific strategies to be more welcoming.

One very basic thing that all of us can do to make the church more welcoming is to wear our nametags. Asbury offers magnetic nametags to all members, so if you don’t have one or lost yours, please fill out a nametag replacement form and let us get one ready for you! Replacement forms are available in the church office or on the desk just inside the front doors of the main entrance. When you wear your nametag, you not only help others learn or remember your name, but you also signal to Asbury members that you are a member, not a visitor. This helps us all more easily recognize and greet first-time visitors and guests.

This week, Pastor Robert will be preaching in The Bridge. I will be on vacation, but I hope that when I return I get the report from Pastors Kip, Greg, and Robert that the church was flooded with name-tag wearing members! Even if you consider yourself too shy to start up a conversation with someone you don’t know, a nametag is an easy way to contribute to a more welcoming atmosphere at Asbury. And as we learned at Sunday’s workshop, when we welcome others, we welcome Jesus Christ himself.

Pastor Kelsey