Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter – 8-4-17

Have you ever been really hungry?

This Sunday in The Bridge we will be reading about a time when Jesus was confronted with a hungry crowd. Doubtless, many people in the crowd were used to going hungry on a regular basis, while for others it was a temporary state. Regardless, Jesus recognized their hunger and had compassion for them. With the disciples’ help, he collected what little food there was (five loaves and two fishes) and multiplied it, creating enough food to satsify everyone in a crowd of 5,000.

While it’s certainly amazing that Jesus was able to create so much food from so very little, what I am fascinated by is the statement that Jesus’s miraculous action was born out of his compassion, the compassion he felt for the crowd. This is not the only time in the gospels that we read about Jesus’s compassion- it comes up frequently, in fact. Jesus heals the sick, forgives sins, and feeds the hungry because he is moved by compassion.

How many of us picture God as compassionate? While it may not be the first word that we think of when we think about God, the Bible asserts that compassion is one of God’s primary characteristics…and that God feels compassion for each of us.

If Jesus were to look at you with compassion (as I believe he does), what need would he see there? Hunger for food? Or hunger for something else?

Join us this Sunday in The Bridge as we hear more about God’s compassion, and ask ourselves what difference this makes in our lives.

Pastor Kelsey