Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter 9-22-17

“Not Fair!”
If you have kids or spend any time around kids, you have likely heard this phrase quite a bit. We try to ban the “it’s not fair” phrase in our house, but it’s a hard exclamation to completely eliminate. And the reality is, as annoying as it can be to hear kids whine about what isn’t fair, we adults spend plenty of time measuring, judging, and whining about what isn’t fair for ourselves, as well.
Of course, there is a reason to monitor fairness. There are plenty of situations in life in which someone is deprived of his or her due, or someone takes something that does not rightfully belong to him or her. But what about when someone is given more than his due? What if that happens without being at the expense of someone else? Would we celebrate with that person, or would we even then yell, “Not fair!”
This Sunday in The Bridge, we’ll be reading a parable in which Jesus invites us to examine our view of fairness. Of course, Jesus was an advocate for the poor and powerless– he was certainly concerned with fairness from a justice standpoint. But Jesus also knew that because of how God gives, graciously and abundantly, we are all given much more than what we “deserve.” How we respond to God’s generous gifts is very important, but how we respond to others who receive God’s generous gifts is equally important, and tells us something about our own outlook on fairness.
Join us this week in The Bridge as we think about what’s fair and what isn’t, and how we respond to that. Then, please stay afterwards for our Lunch and Serve! Immediately after worship we will set up the gym for a free, easy lunch. We’ll eat lunch together and do a service project together- no registration required. Just stay after worship and get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ a little better, while putting your hands and heart to work for others.
Pastor Kelsey