Pastor Kelsey’s e-Letter 9-8-17

The Church talks, sings, and preaches a lot about love. And we try our best to live in such a way that when people enter our doors at Asbury, they will see and experience how much we love each other and the world. But as anyone who has ever loved anyone knows, even the strongest, purest love does not eliminate the potential for conflict. In fact, sometimes it is with those we love the most that we experience the deepest conflict.
Jesus understood this. And so Jesus taught not only about love and the ideal ways we should treat each other, but also about what to do when the ideal isn’t realized, and we inevitably hurt one another. This Sunday in The Bridge, we’ll be reading Jesus’s teaching about how to respond when another Christian has hurt you.
I’ll go ahead and tell you that the answer is not “leave the church” or “take revenge.” As usual, Jesus’s solution requires more of us, and will challenge us. What it will also do, though, is keep us united as the body of Christ, even in the midst of painful disagreement. In our world today, when we find ourselves deeply divided over so many issues and emotions run high, this lesson is more important than ever. Join us this week in The Bridge to learn what Jesus would have us do when we find ourselves in conflict with each other.
Pastor Kelsey